September 19

September 19, 1891

A disgraceful fight took place. The principals were Fred O. and Wm. C. Jr., seconded and abetted by relatives male and female.  It is reported that early in the scrap Wm. was getting the best of it when some of Fred’s friends interfered and gave Fred an advantage. Wm.’s mother then said she “could lick Fred alone” and gave him some vicious kicks. The wife of young Wm. also “was in on it” though her work was mainly with her jaw. During the engagement Fred bit Wm. on the finger and cheek. This is not the first time he has used his teeth when in a muss. He has skipped out fearing arrest. The biting is pretty serious business and is a felony under the law, punishable by a term in the state prison. 

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